The most magical day at Lapland UK!

So this weeks Sunday Funday was slightly more special than normal, we went to Lapland UK! It was such an amazing day and we are all now feeling very Christmassy! The invite arrived in the post in a beautiful presentation box with a wax sealed letter. Beau obviously read every word and completely understood where we were going haha (but I was very excited!) 

From the second you arrive in the car park there is a sense of magic in the air. Walking through the woodland path through the enchanted forest and into the first log cabin to check in, we had no idea what to expect. This was way more than just a visit to santa! We checked in at the desk with a very friendly elf and were given passports and badges. We also exchanged our money into Elf Jingles so that our whole experience was themed from start to finish. 
Upon entering a tunnel of lights, we sat down in the enchanted wood to be told the story of Father Christmas by two cheeky elves. We all joined in on a magic rhyme to open the giant doors to Lapland where we were greeted by snow. Log cabins and little elf houses are dotted around the snowy woodland, there is something to look at in every direction. 

We were led to santas workshop and each child was given a bear to stuff in order to help the elves who were getting behind with their toy making! Next it was time to help mother Christmas in her kitchen who read the children a story before decorating gingerbread xmas trees. Beau ate more than he put on the tree but enjoyed it all the same! We received a stamp in our passport for each task completed in order to earn a Christmas bell which we then collected from an elf in the village. 

After this was some free time in the elf village which was the cutest place full of elf style houses, shops, post office and restaurant. Huskys and elves wondered around greeting all the ‘small folk’ and the ice skating rink added to the festive atmosphere. 

We went to the post office and wrote our letters to santa and Beau enjoyed going in and out of a tiny ‘small folk’ door in one of the shops! It was soon time to leave the village and head through the magical snowy pathways that weaved into the blacksmiths workshop. Here you could meet the reindeer and mix some magical reindeer food. 

We followed the path through the woodland over bridges and passed the elf homes before arriving at Santas home. It was such an amazing experience, Father Christmas was as charming as expected who spoke to Beau all about his pets, favourite toys and recent accomplishments. Beau sat like an angel and listened intently (a different story to earlier in the day when a screaming tantrum would occur when asked to wear his coat or the last crumb of food was gone from his snack box!) We checked the special book for his name on the “good list” before being given a present from santa, a lovely husky dog. 

We enjoyed every second. Nothing was rushed or drawn out, there were no pushes to purchase anything, the elves were chatty and cheery and there was nothing tacky at all in sight just pure Christmas magic! Was Beau to young? He joined in with everything except ice skating, he enjoyed everything from the lights to the tiny houses, reindeer, snow, bells and crafts. Will he remember it? No, but we will and we have memories as a family that we will treasure forever. Hopefully one day we will go back, if I could go every year then I would! Yes it is expensive, but you do receive a number of things to bring home and there is really no need to spend money when you are there unless you want to. For us, it was worth every penny! Merry Christmas! 

Bargain hunter #aldilove

Oh I do love a bargain and gain a great sense of achievement when I find a working discount code! I do have very expensive taste and ever since I was little would always much rather save up for one special item, than have ten of something else. Having said that when the thing you’ve got your eye on is just out of your price range, who wouldn’t want to hunt for a similar look at a fraction of the price? 
Aldi special buys:

I have got so much love for Aldi! Not just for it’s yummy antipasti and stone baked pizzas but also for its one off special buys. Jo Malone is an absolute favourite of mine and I’m very lucky to have built up quite a collection, but my candles are so special I find myself not wanting to actually burn them! They sit there looking pretty (right next to the lovely fluffy display towels that are not to be used haha!) BUT worry no more as all of my favourite Jo Malone fragrances have been copied by Aldi and made into candles and diffusers for just £3.99! So I can now fill my home with lime basil and mandarin and not break the bank! 

Aldi, aldi special buys, jo malone candle, jo malone copies, lime basil and mandarin, bargain, bargain hunter, home accessories, candles, gifts, get the look for less
Our house is now full of these bargain candles!
Aldi, aldi special buys, jo malone diffuser, jo malone copies, lime basil and mandarin, bargain, bargain hunter, home accessories, diffusers, gifts, get the look for less
Aldi’s lime basil and mandarin diffuser working its magic next to my giant (untouchable) Jo Malone candle!

This week I have found the perfect toy bag for Beau’s monochrome themed playroom. These road map bags are soooo similar to those by Playandgo, which are featured on all of my favourite Scandi style websites but the Aldi bag is less than half the price at £12.99. They come in three different designs too so get them before they disappear!

Toy storage, monochrome nursery, playroom, kids road map, storage bag, playandgo,
This play and go bag is £28 vs Aldi @£12.99
Aldi, special buy, monochrome nursery, playroom, kids road map, storage bag, playandgo, cheaper version
The Aldi version fits perfectly in Beau’s monochrome playroom!

They also have so many beautiful wooden play kitchen bits in store at the moment giving Great Little Trading Company a bit of competition!

Aldi is definitely a place to go with an open shopping mind as you never know what treasures you will stumble upon. Last year I found this great lamp which is not dissimilar to those in Oliver Bonas (I actually prefer the Aldi version with the marble base.) 

Aldi, special buys, Oliver bonas, copper lamp, marble, interiors, accessories, lighting, bargain
Aldi vs Oliver Bonas

One last find:

Ride on racing car, retro toys, Halfords, bargain, toddler toys
Beau and his retro ride.
Ride on racing car, retro toys, Halfords, bargain, toddler toys
On the subject of shopping for bargain versions. This retro car would make a great Christmas present. Beau loves scooting around the kitchen on it or pretending to fix the wheels with his little tool box! Halfords sell this for £50 at the moment, which is half the price of others I have seen and apart from the number, it is almost identical.

Retro car, style bargains, bargain hunting, get the look for less, Halfords, the white company, playroom, Christmas shopping, toddler fun
The Halfords version of the racing car is available now for half the price!

Style bargains…..two of my favourite words! 

Happy shopping!


Sunday Funday

Woburn safari park monkey, toddler day out, family fun
Helping himself to a souvenir from the zoo! My little monkey!

Sunday funday!

So Sunday is our family day. It is often the only day my husband gets to spend with Beau as he’s working in the week and I am a cricket/rugby/golf widow on Saturdays! 

Some weeks we love to just do nothing and use it as an opportunity to play with Beau or have him demonstrate his new tricks to Daddy, (he seems to be changing and learning so much at the moment that each week he has a new talent to perform!) But we also love the odd treat day! With his most popular party trick currently being an array of animal sound impersonations, this week we opted for Woburn Safari Park. We also took my four year old nephew, Frankie and a picnic and set off nice and early. 

Woburn Road Safari lion enclosure, day out, Sunday funday
Look out lions! Woburn Road Safari

If you go I definitely recommend arriving about 20 minutes before they open so you are one of the first in the queue for the Road Safari. For us, it meant that every possible animal was out and ready for breakfast rather than hiding or lazing around. So the boys both loved it, Frankie checking off each stage on the map and Beau being restrained from opening and closing the windows whilst driving through the lion enclosure! We didn’t get a monkey on our car but enjoyed watching some sunbathing on the bonnet of another. 

Sea lions at Woburn Safari Park
Sea lions!

My nephew was like the dream child, Beau on the other hand was more mischievous than any of the monkeys and the temper tantrums were back in force today after a calm couple of weeks! Do anyone else’s toddlers have a spate of really naughty days and then seem to remember how to be lovely again?! Today was a naughty day! 

Lemur selfie, zoo fun, group shot, Woburn Safari Park
Our only group shot, my tired face and Beau mid tantrum. At least the husband, nephew and Lemur knew how to selfie!

The foot safari is ok but for us it was all about seeing the animals do their own thing in the big open spaces as we drove past. However if you do go in then definitely do the elephant talk as they bring the elephants right up to the fence at the end for people to stroke. 

Elephant up close, Woburn Safari Park, zoo fun
Elephants up close!

Oh and I forgot to say, I mentioned in my first post that I love a bargain and the thrill of the hunt so here’s my tip! Use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for your tickets. Just £7.50 worth of vouchers gives you an adult ticket (worth £22.99) 

Cousins day out, zoo fun, sea lions
Cousins day out!

So that’s Woburn ticked off the list and we now have a very tired little man fast asleep in bed, but for how long….